Designed For Kids 6-16... But Great ..."5-Star" Listening For The Entire Family...

New Christian Audio Series
From The Former Sound Designers Of Adventures In Odyssey™!

New Family-Friendly Audio Adventures Offer Captivating "Worldview" Entertainment For Families Who Care Deeply About The Content Their Kids Are Exposed To!

Read the exciting story below to find out what some homeschool parents have already discovered. And, if you don't agree that it's the missing link between Christian education and Christian entertainment...

I’ll send you a crisp 10-dollar bill, straight from my own wallet!

Dear Friend,

If you’re looking for “5-Star” Christian entertainment that your kids will love to listen to, this will be the most important message you will ever read.

Here’s why.

The Adventures in Odyssey™ audio series has been a family favorite for decades. I think it’s because parents love Christian content that’s both safe and fun. We all trust Focus On The Family to “deliver” without being worried about what our kids are going to be exposed to.

In fact, I think “Odyssey-style” audio programming has been so remarkable that it’s left many parents wanting more. That’s why I’m writing to you today.

Here’s the story: The good news is that some very talented, former Adventures in Odyssey™ producers have created a brand new audio series that’s getting 5-star ratings across the country.

And, like Adventures in Odyssey™... the new audio series is true family-friendly entertainment you can trust. It’s entertainment that’s strong on “worldview”, but is also a lot of fun.

By the way, these stories are very fast-moving... so we call them “Audio Adventures”. And we’re excited by the rave reviews they are getting by some of our favorite people:

Chris Anthony (the voice of Adventures in Odyssey™) said this about our new series...

"Wow! I haven't been this excited since the beginning of Adventures in Odyssey™. What adventure! What excitement! What intrigue! Great acting. I am very excited about this production and I hope lots and lots of kids and adults all over the world get a chance to hear this. It's not only educational but it's entertaining.”

Katie Leigh (Voice of Connie Kendall on Adventures in Odyssey™) had this to say...

“Executive Producer Bill Heid totally created a masterpiece. It’s exciting and wonderfully produced. I loved it!” 

Sean Astin says “It’s interesting, it’s smart, it’s fun, it’s funny, it’s good!”

Kirk Cameron said that it’s “so innovative and powerful... it could actually change America”.

One listener actually described our new Audio Adventures as “Disney for the ears.”

So why all the buzz? Why are the productions winning awards and getting 5 Star ratings by moms and dads across the country?

Well, here are a few reasons parents trust them and kids love these new Audio Adventures.

Reason number one: Fast Action. Our Audio Adventures are not slowly read books on tape. Which means your family is going to experience full, high-energy “theater of the mind” audio with multi-dimensional sound. Not to mention big, swashbuckling stories that keep your kids gripped, engaged and on the edge of their seats.

Reason Number Two: These new Audio Adventures are “character-driven” stories about great Christian heroes. What’s fun is, we use these heroes to teach kids about making Godly decisions when life gets tough. (That’s when our character is really tested after all.) So if you’re looking for true “inspiration” for yourself and your family... these Audio Adventures are for you.

Reason Number Three: This is very cool. Studies show that “listening and learning” with audio actually improves how a child’s brain works. It’s true. With audio learning, the left hemisphere of the brain gets stimulated in a way that no other learning method can stimulate. This is an education breakthrough!

And, once the left hemisphere is activated, research from Carnegie Mellon shows dramatic increases in verbal memory and fluency. Other studies show profound increases in the ability to use imagination. Lastly, researchers also discovered that even the ability to focus gets improved with audio learning. (Who wouldn’t want more “focus” from their kids!)

With our special “listen and learn” Audio Adventures, it’s our goal to unlock the hidden potential in every child. And you know what? I’m convinced every child is at least twice as smart as parents think.

Reason Number Four: Kids need real history. Let’s face it, Christian history has almost disappeared completely from our culture. But it’s not just secular textbooks in school that have dropped all references to our faith. Nope. Christian history is now gone from movies, books, even coffee-shop conversations.

But the good news is that we’ve put it back in a way that will make you smile. And, I really believe our Audio Adventures provide the single easiest way in the world to give your kids a powerful Christian history lesson. (By the way... the best part about this is that they don’t know they’re getting a history lesson... so they won’t cringe when you ask them to listen!)

Reason Number Five: We’ve made it a point to teach good manners and respect in our productions. Another thing that grieves me is the fact that most kids today show very little respect and gratitude. That’s why all of our Audio Adventures teach the importance of being thankful and respectful. We think it’s extremely important for kids to respect parents, grandparents and teachers. You know, we used to call this “obeying your elders”. Sounds old-fashioned, right? Well, it is, but the truth is... it should NEVER, ever go out of style.

Turn Ordinary Drive Time Into
Family Fun & Adventure Time!

Reason Number Six: Our Audio Adventures are very easy to use. They come on CD (2-CD sets) and are also downloadable. So just press play. It’s that easy. But it gets even better if you’re one of those parents that loves to discuss great, character building stories with their kids. Here’s why: For you, we also provide a discussion starter and parent interaction guide for each new Audio Adventure (I used to call it “curriculum”, but I think it scared some non-homeschooling parents off!)

Reason Number Seven: You need a break. It’s true. Probably the thing parent’s love most about this new audio series is that just like Adventures in Odyssey™... our Audio Adventures are “content safe” for kids. They’re also a lot of fun so kids of all ages tend to get “caught up” and engaged in the stories.

So... Once you press play... if you need it... you’ll have some time for yourself. Time that can help you get everything else done that your hectic schedule demands. And maybe, just maybe, you can even find a little time to do something you love to do. So it’s a perfect tool to help you...

Get Control On Crazy Days!

I can also tell you from the heart that the great myth in educating your kids is that you always have to work harder to get better results. The truth is (even studies show this) that it’s really a teacher’s love and passion for the subject matter that really counts most. Kids are sharp. They see what’s important and what’s not important by watching you. They sense when you’re tense. It’s subtle... but they know!

Let me repeat that: It’s a parent’s passion for teaching that wins the day! Listen, so many teaching courses and books about teaching at home are just dead wrong here. The truth is, at the end of the day... your kids are going to love what you love!

So why am I telling you all this? It’s simple. You see, the “missing link” between great homeschool teaching and homeschooling teaching that falls flat on it’s face is your passion and your energy level.

It’s an unfortunate secret that some homeschooling parents NEVER learn, no matter how many books they read and how “knowledgeable” of subject matter they become.

And that means...

You Can’t Deliver A Great Teaching Performance If Your Batteries Are Drained!

But most parents simply don’t realize that in a very real sense, every time they teach... they are “on stage” and are engaged in the most important “performances” of their lives. It’s true. What could be more important than teaching the next generation to love to learn? That is big... really big!

So here’s the bottom line: Our new Audio Adventures are designed to be “plug and play” for “teaching” parents. Some parents are now saying it’s a ”genius” way to teach your kids powerful life lessons while you get some quiet time to recharge your batteries and...

Instill A Strong Christian Worldview While Your Kids Have A Lot Of Fun Listening!

This is the opposite of 99.9 percent of all programming on TV, radio and in the movies today when it comes to worldview. But you’ve got an alternative now...

After years of research and study, my team has “cracked the code” on how to put together worldview training you can trust... with a fast-paced story that kids actually want to listen to.

And you know what? This can be a real “aha” moment for Christian parents who want a Christian mindset in their home that helps rather than hurts when it comes to raising strong, responsible kids.

So keep reading. You’re going to love how this article ends. Hint: I’m practically giving these new productions away. You’ll find out why at the end of the article. OK...

Here’s what Homeschooling parents are already saying about the way they say we cracked the “Christian entertainment” code:

“What Heirloom Audio has done is incredible. It is a dream come true for me as a parent and it will bless my children more than I can imagine. God will see to that, I am certain.” (Tammy M.)

“Great products, great people! Want family-friendly Christian entertainment you can trust? Look no further.” (Lindsey C.)

“Fantastic!! Great historical adventures that build character and give anyone an excitement for history!” (Tiffany W.)

“Amazing quality, amazing content. Heirloom Audio brings history to life like never before!” (Aaron F.)

“This product should be in every home in America.” (Mark W.)

“Thank you for providing such great faith promoting, liberty defending, entertaining productions. We love Heirloom Audio!!!” (Elisabeth W.)

“We have all girls and they have LOVED every single product from you-we have them all and they listen to them again and again. Thank you for your wonderful ministry.” (Kaia F.)

“We love Heirloom Audio. They are excellent quality!” (Jodie D.)

The truth, as these parents are testifying to, is that these Audio Adventures can really make a difference in the lives of your kids. And, for moms and dads who care about what goes in to the hearts and minds of their children... this really is an important breakthrough.

Produced By Serious Christian Educators...

For Serious Christian Families!

Are you looking for something like this? Are you looking for a like-minded company that wants to partner with you on the “family friendly” content side? Check this out:

I’ve spent everything I have on this project... heart, soul, almost every penny I had. And... it’s taken five years to put these Audio Adventures together. Which is why I truly believe your family will love them so much...

Your family can listen to them without any financial risk on your part. Plus, if you decide later that this isn’t something that your family would benefit from, I will actually...

Pay You And Your Family Ten Dollars Just For Checking
These New Audio Adventures Out And Listening To Them!

I know that sounds like I’m going over the top on this. But I’m not. I really believe you and your family are going to love these Audio Adventures so I’m willing to do something just that crazy. I’ll actually refund your money and pay you 10 dollars just for your trouble if you decide later it’s not for you.

That’s Why I’ve Tried To Make Getting Started As Easy As Possible!

To get started listening to the new Audio Adventures series simply click on the link below. It will take you to the website where you can order the special “homeschool” package. But read this first...

Important: Once you’re on the site, you should use coupon code AH1 to bypass the regular pricing system that my accountant set up. If you do... you’ll get a stunning 67% off. What am I up to here? Well, I’ve got an idea that you’re going to love. As a matter of fact, it could be...

The Biggest Bargain Of Your Life!

It’s a “give away the farm” plan for the first 27 people that order: I’m going to actually double your order. That means you’ll get 2 sets of each production. Why am I doing this? The answer is simple. Our marketing budget is very small and “throwing in” the extra set is for you to give away if you’d like

I’m thinking you probably know a family in church or your homeschool group that you think would enjoy this type of wholesome, family centered entertainment. What’s in it for us? Well, it would really help us “get the word out” about our new Audio Adventures.

But please be sure to use the code AH1 or the website “check out” program won’t double your order or reduce the price I’ve promised you here.

And remember... you really don’t risk a penny because you have our incredible...

100 Percent Money Back Guarantee.

So go to the website and watch some of the behind the scenes action in the studio. You’ll see a lot of great actors and actresses doing great work your kids are going to love.

Get the introductory set of 4 Audio Adventures. Your order will be rush-shipped by FedEx to you. Then, take your time and listen to them with your kids to decide if you think they are worth it. If, after six full months, you decide the Audio Adventures don't meet your needs - for any reason - simply return the set for a full refund. And, I'll add an extra $10.00 just for trusting me on this. No questions asked. No hassles either. Your word is gold here.

These new Audio Adventures are really “Must-Listening” for kids whose parents value character-building entertainment. It “infuses” and instills an attitude of adventure into your kids hearts and minds. And, their thinking, their feelings and their actions begin to operate with focused determination.

It’s like giving them a flashlight to explore a cave when the rest of the world seems to be stumbling about in darkness.

Get this introductory CD set and then take your time to check it out with the kids. You don’t risk a penny. And you stand to receive an extra $10.00 just for checking it out.

That’s an extremely generous “golden rule” offer you can only get from a company that wants your kids to use their unique, God-given abilities to have fun and make the world a better place. (By the way, not many companies are so convinced their product will “deliver” that they will offer such a confident guarantee.)

The Best Time To Start This Adventure Is Now!

But don’t wait around if you think this is something your family is going to love. Go to the website right away. Here’s why:

The website is set up to take the special discount code on the first 27 of these Family Audio Adventure packages only. The reason is that we didn’t want this “giving away the farm” thing to get out of hand. Which means this is definitely a limited... one-time offer.

My accountant objected to the price reduction and I haven’t even told him about all the bonuses you get if you act quickly. (I know I need an accountant and all that, but sometimes he is a real pain.)

So go to the website and order the new Audio Adventure set. Remember, there is no risk.

For Raising Kids With Character,

Bill Heid

Executive Producer, Heirloom Audio Productions

P.S. In addition to the big discount on the package price of the Audio Adventure set, I’ve also loaded up this offer with a ton of other bonuses for you and your kids. These bonuses in the “goodies package” I’ve gotten ready for you is really going to make it all worthwhile. But again, I’m not sure I can do this for everybody. The folks that get to the site first are going to be flat-out shocked and delighted.

P.P.S. Remember, you’re protected by our “Golden Rule” Guarantee. Order the Audio Adventures. Take 6 full months to listen with your kids. If you’re not 100% delighted, return them for a full refund. Plus, I’ll pay you an extra $10.00 just for your trouble. No questions asked. No hassles, either. Because that’s how I would want to be treated by others. Order Now!

P.P.P.S. One last thing. I almost forgot to tell you the most important part. When you go to the site... you’ll see the first 4 productions, but we have 4 more Audio Adventures in various stages of development for 2016. Our intention is to (Lord willing) produce 4 per year for the next 25 years. I’m looking for families that want a reliable, long term partner. Will you join me?